Our Story

Our story begins in Lima, Peru. Where our Founder and CEO, Silvia Gálvez returned to live in Peru with her family to be closer to her mother-in-law who had just had a stroke.

Silvia noticed needs that existed in her community and having worked in the humanitarian sector in Canada for 14 years, she called her daughter’s school and asked if she could volunteer and provide free workshops to raise awareness on social issues such as violence, depression, anxiety, bullying, leadership, money management, self-esteem, and identity.

They were excited and asked her to start teaching the students right away! She soon started calling other schools to ask if they wanted those free workshops too. She worked with members of her community, formed Express Connect, and trained other volunteers to help in schools and orphanages.

since 2012

The idea of creating a social enterprise was envisioned in 2001 by Silvia Gálvez, founder of Express Connect, while she was working in the social services area as a Facilitator in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2003, Silvia was chosen among the leaders in her community, to participate in the First Facilitation Inclusion Project by the Canadian Ministry of Heritage. And in those roles, she found her passion providing presentations and workshops to different organizations and companies.

In 2012, Silvia founded Express Connect, a Social Enterprise, with the main focus to provide free presentations, workshops, and coaching to schools. Silvia wanted to make coaching and training services available for everyone.

On August 2012, her Social Enterprise started free coaching to schools through its Raise Awareness Program with topics that were otherwise not taught at schools, such as financial, education, leadership, life with purpose, setting & achieving goals, creating a winning mindset, self esteem, depression, addictions, and many others.

Many schools were interested in our coaching services and we were able to serve our community with incredible support from volunteers and community partners that were eager to join our mission.

Soon, more services were created to help people with their personal and professional development such as paid coaching, workshops, and training to individuals and corporations.

Express Connect provides coaching, training, and consulting services to individuals, companies, and schools. We also provide coaching certifications in Silvia’s Inner Transformational Method.

Silvia has a passion for helping individuals overcome their fears, welcome challenges, and become confident so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Silvia has coaching studies, with training on neuro-linguistic programming, and neuroscience. Silvia has used her experience as a counselor for abused women for many years in Canada, and her leadership positions in Non-Profits as a foundation for her vision.

Our Mission


To help you acknowledge and achieve your highest self, empowering you to create your desired reality in your professional and personal life.

Our Vision


We envision a world in which people can conquer their fears, welcome challenge, and embrace their power to create a life with no limitations.

Our Values


Passion. We are driven by our desire to empower individuals, families, and organizations with skills and tools to improve the quality of their daily experiences.


Integrity. We believe in coherence: acting in alignment with our beliefs, principles, and values.


Growth. We pursue life-long learning, self-development, and seek opportunities to continuously evolve.


Compassion. We strive to understand, love, and be empathetic with ourselves and others.


Perseverance. We are committed to creating our desired reality: optimistically welcoming the beauty, challenges, and opportunities of each day.


Respect. We honor and embrace our humanity. We recognize that we can only express our divinity by allowing ourselves to express our humanity.


Community. We strive to create an enriching environment of belonging and acceptance with a supportive network of people.


Silvia’s spirit and generosity is contagious. We love to put smiles on peoples’ faces and serve our community.

contact Information

Text or call us at +1 825-863-1752

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