CBWN Loyalty Exclusive

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Canada’s Connected Business Women Network.

In the spirit of connection and women’s empowerment, we are proud to offer a choice between the following gifted sessions to CBWN’s loyalty members along with a 15% discount redeemable until November 15th, 2024. 

A Discovery & Release Session

Claim your complimentary 50 minute session with our Master Transformational Coach, Silvia Galvez.

  • Discover and release your unique inner blocks that come from your mental, spiritual, physical, and energetical pillars.
  • Maximized productivity so you can consciously improve time management.
  • Identify the masks you wear in your business to protect yourself from failure and how those masks help you hide from success.
  • Intuition led business so you can make more with less time and effort.
  • Learn inner strategies that are aligned with your soul’s purpose.
  • Heal the inner child wounds so you can consciously create the business you want.
  • Owning your soul’s identity versus your programmed identity.
  • Increased income by improving your relationship with yourself and money.
  • Higher self confidence to ask and receive what belongs to you.
  • Improved energy from aligning your 4 Pillars of wellbeing and Transformation.
  • Mind, body and soul coherence to claim the business you deserve.


An HR Strategy Consulting Session

Claim your complimentary 50 minute session with our HR Strategist Consultant, Alessandra Charlesworth.

  • Recruitment and hiring.
  • Performance management & development.
  • Business coaching & training.
  • Policy & program development.
  • Retention, engagement, and culture building.
  • Conflict resolution and mediations.
  • On & offboarding.
  • Systems and processes.
  • Identify your business’s HR needs.

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