Christmas Give Away

Christmas Give Away

Eligible if you are a non-profit or registered charity.

Nominate your own organization or others. Connect with us at the email below.

Nominate organizatons

by connecting with us at the email below

Express Connect is a social enterprise driven by our desire to make a difference. We care for people, their success, and well-being. We want to serve our community by selecting organizations within it to send a Christmas gift to. We are moved by your work and want to support you by providing you with a gift from our Personal Development Christmas Initiative Program.

Our intention with this program is to be able to empower organizations with tools and strategies to improve workplace quality and efficiency, help their clients, and strengthen our community.

We are moved by the work and efforts of non profits and charities and want to support them by providing them with a gift from our Personal Development Christmas Initiative Program.  Choose one of the gifts below which be a 90 minute training or workshop on one of the subjects below. Reserve your gift by Dec 22nd, 2023. The service date can be in 2024. We typically require at least four weeks’ notice between the reservation and the service date. We can meet with you or your team online to assess how we can best fit your needs prior to our free workshop.

Aligning goals with company vision and mission

How to use your subconscious mind so you can achieve your goals. What goals are aligned with your company vision. How to set goals motivating goals, how to get rid of the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals, what orders are important to accomplish your goals, how to set a vision board based on Neuroscience, How to aligned your company goals with your life vision.

The Neuroscience of Productivity

Learn how to set your priorities, how to use your reticular activating system (RAS) to focus, learn powerful questions to become more productive, how to organize information, some habits to become more productive, physical and emotional needs to become more productive, learn the difference between time awareness versus time management.

Conflict Resolution

Find out the real reasons why people have conflict at work and learn techniques and exercises to  regulate your nervous system when you feel triggered or threatened. More in this workshop: communication skills, problem solving, stress management.

The Neuroscience of Confidence

Confidence is the state of feeling certain about your own abilities, attributes, qualities, values to achieve anything you want.

In this workshop you will learn how to develop confidence and gain self-trust needed to achieve your goals and improve relationship with others.

The 4 pillars of Transformational Healing

Learn about the 4 amazing tools that belong to you so you can transform your life. More in this workshop: how to change thoughts, beliefs and emotions, actions and results.

The 6 six Inner Child Wounds

Learn about the 6 inner child wounds that your clients/team/leaders have that prevent them from having a better communication and live a healthier more fulfilling life. Learn exercises and techniques to start healing those wounds.

Powerful Questions for Counselors

Dive deep into your clients minds and souls and discover the real reasons and blocks to achieve their goals. Challenge these blocks with these powerful questions. Learn powerful questions to see, listen, validate your client’s wounds and pay attention to their bodies.

Heal your scarcity wound to become successful

The real reason why we do not achieve our dreams and act from the conscious mind  is because we are not connected to who we really are. The following elements are included in healing the scarcity wound. Participants will decide what are the most important concepts they want to explore in this workshop: Identity, self love, self worth, letting go, trusting, self acceptance, self forgiveness, listening to your divine voice, certainty, filling the needs of your soul, connection to others and the whole, connection with nature, life mission, relationship with yourself, with others, with God, with the Universe and your relationship with money.

First Responders Trauma Training

This training is for professionals, leaders, parents, and friends who are the first responders to people who disclose trauma, abuse, suicidal ideation. You will learn the basics and a little bit more on how to understand trauma and how to respond effectively and with compassion.

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