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You are the best thing that has ever happened to you.
Invest in your healing, well-being, and happiness.
You are your greatest investment.

Silvia Gálvez | Creator of the Inner Transformation Method

Master Transformational Coach & C.E.O

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There are many different ways to learn from us, connect with us, and get involved with us that are free.

Find the ways that feel the best for you. We’d love to meet you and get to know you.

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When you volunteer with us, you serve your community, become a part of a team who seeks self-development, learn from our coaches, and get a discount for our services.

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Become an affiliate for us, get your affiliate code, and get a kickback for every coaching, training, certification, or consulting sale we make because of your referral.

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We have many different videos created to help you navigate daily challenges, shift your mindset, and learn new things.

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Connect with us on our Facebook page and Instagram to learn daily, submit questions you have, and get to know other people who want to learn and grow just like you.


Listen to our podcast to learn tools and skills to improve the quality of your daily experiences.

Free Workshops

Our Coaches love sharing their talents, meeting new people, and contributing to our community. That is the heart of how Express Connect started. We continue our tradition and offer free workshops monthly.  Join us and invite your friends!

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We love serving our community and making new friends. Invite your friends to our workshops, to connect with us on our social media pages, and to submit their own questions and comments.

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Our upcoming events page shows you which paid and free events are coming up. Our Facebook page will also list out paid and free events.

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You can submit questions and comments through our social media. Staying in touch with us there will help us know what topics you’re interested in for our workshops.


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