Hope Initiative

This initiative will run throughout 2024, where we will select those in need of receiving the packages.

Help us spread love & hope

by helping community members in need

Express Connect is a social enterprise driven by our desire to make a difference. We serve our community with many pro bono services here in Canada and Latin-America. The current needs for help with mental and emotional wellness exceeds our capacity so we have created this initiative and are asking individuals and businesses to help us spread love and joy by purchasing packages and gifting/sponsoring to community members in need.

Our intention with this initiative is to be able to create opportunities to help individuals who don’t have the funds to take care of their mental and emotional wellness. Please join us in this cause and help strengthen our community.

Individuals and companies can decide which community they want to help with their gift/sponsorship: Canada, US, Mexico, or Peru. Every year we receive many messages from people who need pro-bono services because they can’t afford help otherwise. With your help, we will be able to help more members in each of these communities.As a thank you, after you purchase a package and give it away, we will place your company name and logo, or your first and last name, or pseudo name, on our website under our thank you section and we will have throughout the current year.

contact Information

Text or call us at +1 825-863-1752

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