Coaching for Nonprofits

Team Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

We help leaders accomplish organization goals through leadership training, time management, ability to plan, prioritize and execute. We ask questions that leaders in non-profits do not get asked, so leaders can find the answers through executive coaching.
We help leaders to be more confident so they can improve their own and their team’s self-sufficiency and outcome
We work with leaders to improve their self-awareness so they can unleash their full potential as leaders in their organization
We help leaders to strengthen their accountability and job performance so they can inspire their teams and communities.
We help leaders and staff with Fundraising training so they can feel excited to ask for money and achieve and even exceed their fundraising goals.

How Executive Leadership Coaching Helps Your Organization

Some leaders in Non-profit are passionate about the mission but they do not have experience as leaders or training in management. These leaders are eager for personal development in conflict resolution, negotiation, management, team coaching, etc. Express Connect leadership presentation/training provides the tools leaders need to guide and influence others.
Most leaders in non-profits feel frustration for the many tasks and they forget their passion for Non-profit. Through Express Connect Executive Coaching, leaders get connected with the reason why they got into non-profit in the first place.
Some leaders do not know how to engage and mobilize teams or have other leadership skills. Express Connect Executive Coaching help non-profit leaders realize the basic human needs their team has, so they can influence and engage their teams
Some leaders in non-profits lack self-confidence, for this reason they do not get the results they need. Self Confidence is very important to lead, delegate, follow up, team trust, fundraising, and achieving organization’s goals.
Conflict Resolution