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The how to Empower Create Encourage Podcast

by Alessandra Charlesworth

My dream with my podcast is to create an authentically connected community where we empower and encourage each other to create the versions of ourselves we desire and to be supported in our own healing process, personal progress, and fulfillment.

My intention with this podcast is to be able to empower individuals with tools and strategies to improve the quality of their daily experiences and encourage individuals to create the life, the love, the reality, and world they desire. I believe cognitive consonance is the key to internal peace and happiness. My invitation for you, as a listener, is to act in harmony with what you believe in, and experiment with the prompts that resonate with you.

The trap of shame & how to productively transform it

by Alessandra Charlesworth ft. Benjamin Davidson | The How to Empower Create Encourage Podcast S4E04

Shift from angry "I hate yous" to "This is what I appreciate about you"

by Alessandra Charlesworth ft. Paul Zolman | The How to Empower Create Encourage Podcast S4E03

Move from trauma responses to connecting responses

by Alessandra Charlesworth ft. Timothy Stuetz | The How to Empower Create Encourage Podcast S4E02

Fight using the 5 winning strategies instead of the 5 losing strategies

by Alessandra Charlesworth ft. Nancy Pickard | The How to Empower Create Encourage Podcast S4E01

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